8/30/15 – Sharing…

I recently had the luxury of training with rope artists from all over the country – it was super fun. And it brought to mind something that I have really taken for granted . . . sharing!

There was a time in aerial communities when people were very proprietary: “this is my trick, I made it up, no one else can or should do it.” And maybe people are still like that somewhere . . . but in my experience, not in New York. And I love that. Sharing skills, ideas and ways of thinking is how the art form evolves and ultimately generates a richer vocabulary that we all benefit from.

The tenets of sharing:

  1. Pay respect to the people you learn from.
  2. Know the difference between stealing and sharing. If you’re presenting someone else’s work as your own, that’s stealing.
  3. Generosity is a sign of confidence.

So I’d like to make a shout out to some people who are super good sharers: Jaron Hollander, Terry Crane, Paul Hawxhurst, Josh Dean, Laura Sheehy, Lisa Natoli, Elizabeth Munn and Kristin Young. Thank you guys for your generosity, ideas, creativity and enthusiasm.

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