Kimmy (stunt person) – “It’s been almost 3 years since I was introduced to the Aerial arts and I cannot be happier to see that the aerial instructors that I’ve studied with and put so much trust in have now opened their own school in Manhattan! Even prior to Aerial Arts NYC opening, I strongly recommended Kris Olness, Joshua Dean, Kristin Young and Susie Williams to quite few people (from newbies to intermediate aerial enthusiasts); because they are very experienced, knowledgeable, (therefore)safe and thorough teachers with absolutely charming personalities. Also, the teaching team at Aerial Arts NYC is a quite accomplished group of aerial performers with tremendous creative drive as well. They always keep themselves artistically inspirational, which motivates students like me to be more creative as well as physically strong to executes difficult moves. However, the most beautiful thing is that Aerial Arts NYC teachers are all very “passionate” about teaching. They are very generous about sharing their experience and knowledge and always there for you to motivate you and help you to advance. I had great run with them so far and having aerial in my life as well as knowing Kris O, Josh, Kris Y, and Susie has made my life even more exciting. Have fun playing in the air!  You are in good hands.”

Anni (art administrator) –  “Aerial Arts NYC provides a challenging workout for all levels, in an atmosphere of complete support.”

Amy (dancer) – “I am ecstatic about the opening of Aerial Arts!!  I love everything about this place! How wonderful it is to have THE best aerial teachers come together and teach in the heart of Manhattan.  So convenient!!! I have had the pleasure of taking from almost every single instructor that teaches here at Aerial Arts.  Each one amazing!!!  The one to four teacher/student ratio is the best you will get!  It makes the difference in getting the most out of one’s class, getting individual attention, and feeling safe.  I first started training seriously with Joshua Dean a little over a year ago, and now Im truly addicted.  I love it!  Before my classes with Josh I would never ever have dreamed I’d be able to perform the skills I’m doing now!  It it truly the most empowering feeling ever!  I wake up so excited to come back and continue my training.  Mainly this is because of all these experienced instructors that comprise Aerial Arts.  Everyone is so talented, giving and FUN!!  I’m counting down the hours til my class tomorrow!!”

Kathy (small business owner)- “The teachers at Aerial Arts NYC are the most professional coaches/instructors I have ever had-they know exactly how much to push me beyond my comfort zone so I can progress.  I value their knowledge, focus on safety, and compassion. Because of them, I have gotten into the best shape of my life, learned how to choreograph aerial routines, and performed in front of audiences without fear!”

Malaika (age 12)- “Silks is exhilarating, I’m addicted to it! I’ve been taking silks for almost two years and my teacher Kristin makes every class exciting and fun!”

Heather (physical therapist)- “All the instructors at Aerial Arts are great at guiding you through the realm of groundless acrobatics. Not only do they help you develop skills but reveal a world beyond your preconceived notions of limits and abilities, redefining a new and exciting you.”

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