Aerial Classes

1 hour long, focused on learning new skills and/or reviewing and perfecting technique. We recommend warming yourself up before the start of class. Classes include an aerial warm-up, but your personal floor warm-up will help you to execute class exercises safely. (Beginner classes include instruction for proper floor warm-up.)

All classes will conclude with body conditioning and/or stretching on the apparatus. Aerial classes have a maximum of 5-6 students to ensure sufficient time on the apparatus for each person. All Aerial classes are for ages 14 and up, but private lessons are available for younger students. Private lessons and semi-private lessons are available upon request, for more individual attention.


Silks, also called Fabric or Tissu, are one long piece of fabric attached in the middle to the ceiling to create two long tails. In this class you will learn to climb, invert in the air, and hang upside down. As you increase strength and comfort-level, you will learn sequences, drops, slides, and flips that allow you to descend the fabric with style and grace.


Rope, also called Corde Lisse, comes in several styles (braided, twisted, and covered webs). Aerial Arts NYC uses a covered web in our rope classes. In this class you will learn to climb, invert, and move through poses to create sequences. As you build strength on the apparatus you will learn harder sequences, drops, and how to harness momentum to create excitement in the air.


Lyra, also called Hoop, is a steel ring hung vertically by one or two ropes. At Aerial Arts NYC we teach Lyra as a single-point apparatus, (a double-point Lyra can be provided in private class). In this class you will learn poses and moves on and above the hoop. As you become more advanced, you will learn to spin the apparatus as you execute skills and poses.

Static Trapeze

Static Trapeze is a bar connected to the ceiling by two ropes. In this class you will learn poses and sequences on and below the bar as well as on the ropes. As you become more advanced, you will learn to flip around the bar and work on momentum-based skills and tricks.


Straps are two flat fabric pieces with or without loops.  You will learn to wrap your body up in many ways including roll-ups and planches.  This is one of the more challenging apparatuses and will help increase your fitness level quickly.


Hammock, also called Sling, is one piece of fabric with the two tails connected to the ceiling at the same point to create a trapeze-like apparatus. In this class you will learn skills to stand on the loop, hang from the loop, and wrap yourself in many different positions. As you become more comfortable, you can learn drops, slides, and add spinning.

Choreography & Sequencing

Choreography & Sequencing: Intended for experienced students who are ready to take their skills to the next level. In this class you will be guided to create your own individual style through exercises that will help you to use skills/sequences that you have learned, and to alter their qualities and order. This class will also focus on improving skill technique for drops, and sequences.

Aerial Conditioning

Aerial Conditioning: Incorporates silks, static trapeze, fitness balls, and floor exercises. It is a full body workout using all four apparatuses. You will build the strength to help with aerial and acrobatic skills.  It is the perfect class to help you with your Aerial Arts NYC goals.

Spanish Web

Spanish Web is a vertical rope that has a loop attached near the top. This act is performed with a flyer and a setter (spinner). The flyer puts his/her foot or hand into the loop, and then changes positions as the setter controls the rotational speed.

Multiple Apparatus

Multiple Apparatus: This class allows students to move back and forth between several apparatuses during one class, according to their specific needs.

Aerial Intensive

Aerial Intensive: A multiple week long workshop in which you will create and perform your own circus act. Workshop culminates in a student recital performance. Students must have basic knowledge of aerial skills for the apparatus they will be performing on. Not recommended for beginners.

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