Class Levels

All aerial classes are for ages 14 and up.

Beginner: for students new to aerial, who are building strength and learning basic skills. You must take at least 4 beginner classes before moving to advance beginning. This class will include a guided floor warm-up.  Please ask your instructor if you are able to move to the next level.

All Levels: for students from Beginner to Advanced.

Advanced Beginning: for students that have an understanding of the basics of the apparatus. You can ask your instructor if you are ready to move to this level.

-Silks/Rope Prerequisite Skills: able to climb midway up the fabric/rope, able to tie figure 8 & aerial dance lock ins the air, and able to invert from the ground on your own.

-Lyra/Trapeze Prerequisite Skills: invert from the ground unassisted, able to hang from one knee/arm, and able to do a back balance and front balance.

Intermediate: for students that have mastered the basics.

-Silks/Rope Prerequisite Skills: invert in the air to wrap your leg and body (Single Star Drop), hipkey in the air, aerial dance lock with cross-back straddle, & 3 inverts in a row.

-Trapeze Prerequisite Skills: single arm & knee hangs, ankle hangs, inverting below the bar from a hang, & inverting above the bar on the ropes.

-Handstand Prerequisite Skills: assisted one armed handstands, ticktocks, or has been approved by the instructor.

-Contortion & Handstand Prerequisite Skills: assisted chest-stands, scorpion handstands, or they have been approved by the instructor.


-Silks/Rope Prerequisite Skills: hang for one minute, climb to the top of the apparatus, and (invert with straight legs) in the air, and Windmills/Wheel-Downs. Students should have the stamina to perform five beginner skills in a sequence, including a drop.

* Note about class levels: please understand the importance of developing strength and proper technique. It is crucial that you learn skills in a safe, strong manner, in a class that meets your needs. If you have any uncertainty about your level, please sign-up for a beginner or all level class so that an instructor can help assess your current ability.

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