Floor Classes

Classes are for ages 14 and up.

Contortion & Handstands

This class focuses on increasing flexibility, improving control and balance, and learning contortion moves. Students must be comfortable with splits and back bends, but you do not need to be a contortionist to attend this class.
Class Size: 6 students max
Class Price: $40

Stretch & Flexibility

This class is a great way to release those tight back muscles and build full body flexibility. Learn how to properly move trough the spine and engage the core. Learn to stretch the arms, back, legs, and everything in between. Learn proper posture and placement. These skills will benefit you not only in Aerial & Circus Arts, but in life as well. This class is a great cool down after your aerial workout, or just a great way to wind down at the end of your day.

Class Size: Maximum 10 students per class
Class Price: $28


Ready to perfect that Handstand.  We have the perfect class for you.  Our expert coaches will have you on your hands balancing by yourself in no time! Come join the fun.
Class Size: 5 students max

Class Price: $40

Hula Hooping

Experience a fun, high-energy environment with this hula hoop class. It mixes hula hoop fitness, hoop technique, and learning new tricks into one hour of fun. Learn to create hula hoop sequences, starting with one hoop and then in time working your way to multiple hoops. Class will begin with a warm-up and then the hula hooping fun will begin. Strengthen your abs and arms, and learn fun hula hoop tricks along the way all while having a blast. Private classes available upon request.
Class Size: 10 students max

Class Price: $28

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