COVID-19 Policies

Your safety is important to us, and we will stay compliant with all federal and state guidelines.  We are regularly checking with the most up to date information to keep us all healthy and having flipping fun.

Our current mask policy REQUIRES EVEN FULLY VACCINATED people to wear masks upon entering, in order to stop any break-through infections.  (We will continue to listen to the Science, and may adjust this policy at any time.)


No congregation or lingering will be permitted in the space.

If you are sick, stay home to keep all other staff and patrons healthy.

Our Safety Efforts

We have air purifiers in the main gym and in each studio. Our HVAC system is outfitted with MERV-13 filters and UV light and has recently been fully cleaned and serviced according to Federal and State COVID-19 recommendations.

Hand sanitizer is placed throughout the space for your convenience.

Our restrooms are disinfected multiple times per day with EPA-registered cleaning products.

We have added privacy changing areas in our common spaces.

Policy regarding late cancel classes due to COVID exposures

As the new variants of COVID find ways around our vaccinated population, AANYC is forced to create a new policy regarding cancelling classes due to break-through infections. Our new policy is effective IMMEDIATELY and listed below:

If you have a reservation for a class at Aerial Arts, but find that you have been exposed to COVID, you are allowed to cancel the class by contacting the front office at, even after the 48 hour cancellation policy has taken effect.

HOWEVER, you will not be permitted to join us for another class until you have supplied the front office with either 1.) a dated PCR test showing that you are negative or 2.) 2 dated Rapid Tests that are at least 3 days apart (to ensure that enough time has passed after the exposure).

If you do not supply the office with these after asking for the cancellation, you WILL NOT be allowed to take class until you do so. Any reservations that you have that are not cancelled before the 48 hour cancellation policy will be forfeited.