Pilates Program

New to the AANYC Family is our Pilates Program.

Pilates is a great work out on its own, or a great compliment to any circus training.  Pilates strengthens opposing muscle groups equally, preventing injury and increasing overall efficiency of movement.  It will make you stronger, stand taller, and help you to get that next circus trick.

Our Pilates classes are open level and structurally tailored to the needs of the aerial student, but you do not need to be an aerial student to get something from the class. We emphasize shoulder function, abdominal endurance, hip mobility, and of course a degree of intensity our Aerial Arts students crave!

We will offer two different types of Pilates classes at the new AANYC: Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer.

Pilates Mat with Props

What is Pilates Mat?

Pilates Mat is an exercise program that can be done without any additional equipment. It consists of low-impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements. Proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance is focused on throughout the class. We will help take our pilates mat to the next level by using a variety of props including magic circles, resistance bands, & foam rollers to help get you stronger and lengthen your muscles at the same time.

Class Size: 6 students max
Class Price: $28


Pilates Reformer

What is a Reformer?

The Reformer is the most popular Pilates apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates. It consists of a carriage that moves back and forth along tracks within a frame. The resistance is provided by the exerciser’s body weight, and by a set of springs attached to both the carriage and the platform. The Reformer adds an additional athletic strength benefit to the Pilates practice, making the body work in harmony with the stretch of the springs.

Class Size: 6 students max
Class Price: $40

Private Pilates

We also offer private and semi-private sessions to serve a variety of fitness goals. Pregnant? Rehabbing an injury? Brand new to Pilates or exercise in general? Book a private, and we can provide a more individualized exercise program with your goals in mind.