Ekaterina Sknarina

Ekat (she/her) trained as a rhythmic gymnast and became a member of the Russian national team, competing successfully in numerous international championships.

After retiring from competition, she moved to the United States and became a successful Variety and Circus Performer. Currently, she is a part of the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus.

In addition to her performing career, she holds BA in Physical Education and Child Development and specializes in teaching Gymnastics and Circus to kids. Ekaterina has been working with children for 20 years and her experience ranges from recreational circus jams for 4-year-olds to professional young performers. She also has experience teaching circus skills to children with physical and learning disabilities, visually impaired, and adolescent oncology patients.

What she offers at Aerial Arts NYC: Contortion & Youth Circus Classes/Privates.