Lauren Powzyk

Photo by Andrew T Foster

Lauren Powzyk (she/her) took her first aerial class in 2014 on a whim. She quickly fell in love with the sport that combined strength and grace so seamlessly. It provided her with a creative outlet outside of her 9-5 job that challenged and inspired her constantly. Focusing her attention on aerial rope (and later straps), she sought to learn from artists she admired from all over the world. Taking classes with Alex Allen, Emiliano Ron, Em Chilvers, Tori McGrory, Terry Crane, Julia Grace, and of course the countless incredible teachers at AANYC. She values soaking up information from different perspectives and understanding all the ways you can approach a shape (especially when no two bodies are the same). A certified aerial nerd, she is never happier than when digging into aerial technique and pathways.

Having performed at the Slipper Room, STREB, The Muse, and NYC Straps Club; she is excited to share her love of aerial with the student’s at AANYC to help them reach their goals.

What she offers at Aerial Arts NYC: Rope & Straps Classes/Privates.