Taylor Casas

Taylor Casas (she/her) stays in the air most of the time. She has participated in dance and sports throughout life, and eventually stumbled upon circus arts during her time at university in Southern California. Since 2015, she has trained and performed as a professional actor, aerialist, and acrobat in numerous theatrical productions nationally and internationally, including some with her acrobatic theatre troupe – Bossy Flyer. Outside of performing, Taylor greatly enjoys working with various artists as choreographer, director, and movement coach for theatre/circus arts for different productions such as ‘The Wolves’ at Cal Rep (Movement coach, ‘MOVE’ at CSULB (Assist Dir.), Los Al Dance program (resident Aerial choreographer/trainer), ‘Peter and the Star Catcher,’ (creative movement choreographer) just to name a few. She has continued to develop her knowledge of the body and its biomechanics by becoming a personal trainer. Taylor is an ACE certified personal trainer with a specialty in FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) and strength training to better understand how she can help others get moving, and keep moving better. Taylor is a graduate from CSULB with a B.A. in Theatre Arts and holds a diploma in circus arts from Circomedia – Bristol, UK, plus contributes as an active member of American Circus Educators association… You can easily bribe her with dark chocolate!

What she offers at Aerial Arts NYC: Silks, Dance Trapeze, Hammock, Lyra, Handstands, and Stretch & Flexibility