Intensives & Workshops

Guest Instructor Workshop

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Aerial Intensive Workshop

8 Weeks of intensive training (1 class per week) culminating in a student showcase. This workshop has no make-up classes.

The Aerial Intensive is geared toward the Intermediate and Advanced level. Each student can choose which apparatus they would like to perform on from those available within the class time. Each student will receive a free ticket to the recital. Students must meet the prerequisites to sign-up and have prior experience on the apparatus.

The fundamentals of the class include

  • Focusing and refining aerial technique
  • Emphasis on stage presence and individual style
  • Learning aerial tricks and transitions to create an artistic and entertaining act
  • Coordinating musicality with choreography
  • Safety and warm-up techniques

Maximum number of students: 4 per class
Price – $350 Includes student showcase performance, and 1 free ticket


  • For Silks and Rope you must be able to do multiple inverts in the air and hold yourself in the air for 1 minute.
  • For Hammock you must be able to invert on your own from the ground and from standing on the hammock loop.
  • For Lyra & Trapeze you must be able to do a single knee hang, invert from the ground on your own, and hang from one arm.

Workshops will begin in January, April, & September.

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