Elizabeth Munn

Elizabeth (she/her) is a multi-faceted performer and fitness instructor with a background in several disciplines.  After a career as an opera singer and classical musician, she took her first aerial class on a whim and was immediately hooked. The aerial arts allow her to combine the discipline of her classical music background with the visual storytelling of her dance and physical theater training.

As a singer, she has performed in venues such as The Kitchen, Galapagos Art Space, Mount Tremper Arts Festival and the Walker Art Center.  As an aerialist, she has performed at the Bowery Poetry Club, STREB, Duane Park, Cantina Royal, Coney Island, and Dixon Place.

Elizabeth is a certified yoga instructor and teaches a variety of yoga and fitness classes in New York City.

What Students Say About Elizabeth Munn

Elizabeth was one of my first teachers at Aerial Arts studio when I started almost 4 years ago! I am still learning new tricks and having tons of fun in her class! I recommend her to new students, who need to know they are in safe hands. I also recommend her to more advanced students who want a well explained challenge. Either way you will have fun, get to be creative, and want to keep coming back! 💗

Heather Donovan.
Before I began my aerial silks journey with Elizabeth 1½ years ago and with absolutely no prior experience on any aerial apparatus, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from my first class. I was instantly put at ease and downright impressed with Elizabeth’s quick and skillful assessment and consideration of unique group characteristics related to the participants’ individual strengths and limitations. Always prepared and with considerable forethought toward an individualized safe progression, she has a remarkable ability to breakdown complex sequences into manageable segments of movements. Besides being a great listener, she actually tries to speak your language in explaining postural, positional, and transitional elements of specific moves. I have an extensive background in martial arts and she often made the effort to speak with me in those terms when I was struggling with certain techniques.

A few weeks ago Elizabeth coached me toward my first successful silks performance through the Intensive Aerial Student Workshop at Aerial Arts NYC. In privates and group classes, for me, she simply has all the characteristics that make a great instructor (e.g., competence, confidence, enthusiasm, fun, approachability, consistency, patience, and a caring personality).
Besides wanting to have fun, it always was important to me to learn in environments where I feel welcome and experience inclusion in the community. When you walk into Aerial Arts NYC, from Elizabeth you always can expect some little acknowledging gesture (e.g., smile, hello, good bye) that reflect her kindness and makes you feel welcome.Phillip P.