Hannah Risner

Hannah is an aerialist, dancer, and Stott Pilates instructor based in Brooklyn. With her roots in contemporary dance, Hannah has been performing in the air professionally since 2010, primarily on silk and lyra but also including aerial wheel, harness, and duo silk performance. She has had the joy of working with ImaginAerial, Helium Entertainment, and Constellation Moving Company.

Hannah has also been teaching Pilates for 7 years. She has a strong knowledge of anatomy and injury prevention in addition to experience with pre/post natal training. She loves to challenge her students to push their limits, while maintaining an atmosphere of support and safety. Hannah is thrilled to join the Aerial Arts team, and cannot wait to share her expertise in aerial vocabulary, sequencing, and performance conditioning

What she offers at AANYC: Silks, Hoop, and Conditioning Classes & Privates.

What Students Say About Hannah Risner

Hannah is the best! Whether you are taking your first class or honing more advanced skills, you will get a great workout and have a blast with her.

She breaks down every move and is patient with you (and helps you be patient with yourself!) if you aren't able to do something at first. She's incredibly knowledgeable about all things aerial, and also how the body moves, and is so good at making sure you are training safely. Her supportive attitude builds your confidence and makes you want to challenge yourself. It is clear that she delights in being part of her students' journeys and sharing all that she loves about her craft.

In the three years I have been taking classes with Hannah, I have discovered strength, bravery, and determination that I never knew I had in me, and I owe so much of that to her. She is both encouraging and keenly aware: she often knows when I'm ready to progress to more difficult moves before I do, and she has helped me tackle things that I otherwise would have found too intimidating to even try (crocs on the lyra, I'm lookin' at you). I'm so grateful to her for getting me out of my comfort zone and for making it so darn FUN.

And she is so upbeat and funny and just a really great person to (literally) hang around with! You will leave Hannah's class smiling and stronger and eager to come back!Seta B