Kate Purdy

Photo by Justin Nohre

Kate (she/her) is a professional performer whose career first began in theatre. She is a trained actor, singer, and dancer, and after discovering her love for circus arts added aerialist to that list. As an aerialist she has performed in many spaces around New York City, including DeKalb Stage, The Edison Ballroom, SLAM, and The Muse. She has been privileged to work with ImaginAerial on several events, and is thrilled to be a part of the teaching staff at Aerial Arts. She is also a member of Anver Entertainment, a new collective of NYC circus artists, working to support the work of independent artists and small local companies, create income opportunities, and further the audience reach of circus and specialty arts in New York City. Kate holds a BA in Theatre from Hope College.

What she teaches at Aerial Arts NYC:  Aerial Silks, Lyra, Trapeze, Aerial Conditioning, and Youth Circus.

What Students Say About Kate Purdy

Kate is an absolutely pleasure to learn from, one can’t go wrong with taking any of her classes. I consistently took her beginner dance trapeze class and truly felt like I learned and grew so much. It was a class I looked forward to every week both because of being in the air and her teaching style. She was so patient with my beginner-self, always making me feel heard and encouraging me to both continue to build up my skills and challenge myself with new things she would teach. I truly appreciate how she builds up fundamentals and also helps one develop their own style. It is also just so inspiring to learn from such a talented artist. I truly thought any basic skill she would demo looked absolutely so graceful and strong, making me want to continue to train and learn from her so I could also some day have the gorgeous lines and keep my toes pointed like she does. So thrilled she’s at AANYC!