Kate Purdy

Kate Purdy is a professional performer whose career first began in theatre. She is a trained actor, singer, and dancer, and after discovering her love for circus arts added aerialist to that list. As an actor she has performed in a variety of shows, from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to “Cats”. As an aerialist she has performed in many spaces around New York City, including The Edison Ballroom, SLAM, The Muse, and Big Sky Works. She has been privileged to work with ImaginAerial on several events, and is thrilled to be joining the teaching staff at Aerial Arts. Kate holds a BA in Theatre from Hope College.

What she teaches at Aerial Arts NYC:  Aerial Silks (Group Classes and Privates), Lyra/Aerial Hoop (Group Classes and Privates), Trapeze (Group Classes and Privates), and Aerial Conditioning.